Classement prépa architecture : quelle école faut-il rejoindre ?

If you don’t know what career you want to start, maybe you should consider architecture ? Be careful that these are challenging but fascinating studies that combine science, technology, and art. We tell you a little more about it via this article which covers the essentials of architectural training and its opportunities. Happy reading, and good luck!

Consider a prep in architecture

Why consider a prep in architecture ? Quite simply because it is necessary to be able to integrate a great school of architecture . Preparations in France are not lacking, among them, the famous ArchiPrep school which is one of the best and which we invite you to discover in more detail by following this link . What are the advantages of prep? You should know that there are many such as:

  • Exemplary support;
  • Small teaching groups;
  • The solid training;
  • The right support for success in the competition.

The preparation in architecture covers all the aspects of the competition, starting with some lessons related to the competition, in particular all the theoretical and practical points, the course of the oral, and of course the preparation of your book (also called portfolio) which brings together all the work already carried out and which will therefore supplement your application for a particular prestigious school of architecture.

What you need to know about the profession of architect

Architecture prep classification

After completing your studies, you can either obtain an architectural degree after five years, or continue with doctoral studies. These will allow you to do research, or even teach at the university. As for the profession of architect , it opens many doors for you. You will not only have to work in a design office for the design of plans , since your missions go well beyond this task, starting with the coordination between the teams, the heritage, the restoration, design, interior decoration, and so much more.

The architect can also work in the field of town planning and land use planning, which can be a major player in the aesthetics and stability of our environment. This career is therefore of great importance and the route to reach it can prove to be somewhat difficult.

Go to an architecture school in France

All you have to do is select the school of architecture that best suits your needs and requirements, just as you would if you had to choose the school offering a bts gpme . In any case, many of them offer comprehensive training, provided by qualified teachers and having all the resources to provide students with unique know-how. Among them, we will cite for example the school of architecture of Grenoble , Montpellier, or even Marseille. To be able to join them, it will be necessary to start by excelling in the preparation, which should undoubtedly allow you to keep pace with these training centers whose programs combine the necessary knowledge in science and technology.

But also in all the social and artistic fields specific to training such as photography courses, social sciences, or even psychology of the habitat. The student will also be able to follow internships to be quickly operational and at ease in the field.